January 17, 2021
In spite of all that we are dealing with in the world today, I am glad to say that the work of the Lord is moving forward.
Missionaries are still being supported and sent to the mission fields to the world. Our local church is looking forward, not backwards. We are praying and planning for greater days ahead for our church. I believe we will come through all that we have had to deal with, a stronger church than before.
Our Twenty-Twenty Vision continues into this new year. Windows and doors have been installed this week, soon the stucco and paint. Our church will have a beautiful appearance on the outside that will complement the beautiful church we have on the inside.
Thanks again for your prayer and support, we have an amazing church family.
Bro. Mac Clements

January 10, 2021

 I know that we all have a lot in our hearts and minds in these days.  Things that are going on in our government, not sure what to expect or what is going to happen next. We also see many of our loved ones struggling with health issues brought on by the covid-19 virus.  But with everything that is going on it must not take away from what God has called us to do.  We must stay focused on getting the gospel to as many people   as we can, both here and around the world.  Staying faithful in our worship and praise to him.  No matter what happens in this world, we must never forget God is still in control and that we are his children and he will never forsake us. We have a great church that God has wonderfully blessed and he will continue to bless. Stay faithful!

-Bro. Mac Clements

January 3, 2021  

As we begin another year we are faced with challenges that are different than any we have faced before.  The only way to face these New Challenges is to remember our God is bigger than them all.      When God test our faith it is only because He wants us to learn to trust Him and live by faith.  We do not know what tomorrow holds but thank God we know who holds tomorrow.  Let us join our faith together, as we look to God, and together we will go forward.  Our church is strong and will be stronger in the days ahead. Thanks to all for your prayer and encouragement. You will never know what it means to me.

 -Bro. Mac Clements